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God has called and gifted every one of His followers to serve in ministry.

There are plenty of opportunities to serve – from Children's Ministry to Welcome Team – at West Covina Christian Church. You can give greater meaning and purpose to your life by living for God and others while strengthening the church to do the work of Christ's Great Commission.

Signing up today doesn't commit you to serving! It'll let our ministry leaders know you're interested, and they'll provide additional information.

Children's Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry ministers to those in preschool through fifth grade. As we prepare to regather our Children’s Ministry on June 6, we need even more teachers, assistants, and support staff to effectively and safely run the ministry.

Please note a background check is required for Children’s Ministry volunteers.

COVID Cleaning Team

Starting on June 6, this Cleaning Team will disinfect the sanctuary between the Nichigo and English services. The church will provide the equipment and supplies.

Education Center

We’re continuing our partnership with Cameron Elementary School and the West Covina Unified School District to provide an after-school homework help program.

We can always use volunteers for tutoring, support staff, and other areas critical to the program’s success.

Please note a background check is required for Education Center volunteers.

Security Team

Our Security Team will relaunch on June 6 and is responsible for the church’s safety on Sunday mornings – from the cars in the parking lot to the children in our classrooms.

Please note a background check is required for Security Team volunteers.

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team, stationed throughout the church, will welcome everyone who walks in through our doors and occasionally serve as ushers.

Worship & Audio-Visual Ministries

We’re looking for people with a passion for serving the Lord through music. If you have musical talent, join our worship ministry as a musician or vocalist.

If “behind-the-scenes” work is more your thing, consider our Audio-Visual Ministry. Our A/V Team handles live sound, the church’s live stream and will oversee other areas such as our overflow and outdoor worship areas.

Please note an additional application, which will be provided, is required for both the worship and audio-visual ministries.

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