Dear West Covina Christian Church,

We are conducting a church survey to help in the process of determining how and when God wants us to regather as a church.  To help us all be on the same page, I have outlined below how we are approaching these decisions.

We have assembled a “Regathering Committee” to make sure that we are making wise and safe steps.  The committee was formed with members who lead key ministry areas.  The committee members are as follows:

  • Pastor Darren (Assistant Pastor)
  • Pastor Yasu (Nichigo Pastor)
  • Bob Smith (Board of Directors Chair)
  • Andrew Todd (Church Administrator)
  • Nao Kawasaki (Children’s Director)
  • JR Houn (Deacon of Worship)
  • Audrey Sakamoto (Deacon of Harvester’s Ministry)
  • Myself (Lead Pastor)

The Regathering Committee has now met twice.  When we first met together, we started our discussion with trying to understand what God has been teaching us during this time.  I am convinced that God is shaping us as a congregation to be used by Him in advancing His Kingdom and how we come back together is part of the learning process.  If we simply try and gather as quickly as possible, we’ll miss how He is seeking to form us as a congregation right now.  Also, we don’t want to move too slowly because there are blessings from God when we meet together.  We’re trying to be led by the Lord and discern when He is leading us to regather.   

As we have discussed and prayed, we feel like a church survey would be helpful for us as a committee.  In this survey, there are questions about our online worship services and what you would be comfortable in the future.  Our goal is to get your feedback and then use that information to help us discern God’s will.  Your honest opinions are helpful.  

Please keep in mind that we are gathering information and will eventually give people various options, but you must follow the Lord’s leading for you personally.  If at any point, you are not comfortable with a gathered service (even with safety precautions in place), that is completely fine.  We will continue to offer online services indefinitely.  We have seen many benefits to a lot of what we are doing and we will never place guilt on anyone for following their conscience or the Lord’s leading.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill this survey out.  We’ll keep you informed as we sense the Lord’s leading.  The deadline for the survey is June 16.

May God lead and guide us,

Pastor Kory

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