As we work towards regathering as a church, this page will include important information for you. If you have any questions regarding the regathering process, please don't hesitate to contact us or reach out to Pastor Kory or Pastor Darren.

These updates are specific to regathering. For general updates, please visit our blog.

Outdoor Worship Services
September 18, 2020 Update

We have been diligently seeking God’s will for when and how we might begin to regather. We sense God is leading us to take the next step. Starting on October 4, we will begin having outside worship services at our regular time 10:30am.  

This decision was not a light one and was made after much prayer, listening to local health officials, reviewing other churches’ actions, and discussions as a staff and Regathering Committee. 

We want to regather responsibly. According to experts, being outdoors is safer than gathering inside. We are fortunate to have such a large area between the Nichigo social hall and the education buildings. With new outdoor sound equipment, people sitting on the lawn, balcony, and even out to the basketball court should be able to hear and participate in the worship service. Also, there are about 15 parking spots that will have a view of the “stage area.” The visibility is not perfect, but it may be worth it for you. The worship service will be broadcast live with an FM transmitter so that you can listen to it from your car and wave to your neighbor parked next to you.

We are aware that attending an outside worship service may not be for everyone, and we don’t want anyone to feel bad about that or that they are missing out. With tremendous joy, we will continue to live-stream our worship services. If you choose to continue to worship from home, that will be great! You can find us online on October 4, just as you have the previous months.

Here are the main safety precautions that we will be enforcing:

  • Masks will be worn throughout the worship service (before, during, and after).
  • People will be seated 6 feet apart to maintain social distancing.
  • We’re asking that each person bring their own lawn chair or blanket to use to decrease the chance of spreading germs.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available all over the church grounds.
  • If you have been feeling ill or running a temperature, please do not attend. 

Having a hard time envisioning it? Pastor Darren and I try to explain it more thoroughly in this video:

There may be other safety precautions and updates added to the website as the day approaches, but we wanted to start getting the news out. If you choose to join us in person on October 4, please arrive 15 minutes early so that ushers can get everyone seated in the right spots and so that we can begin the worship service on time.

A Plan for Regathering
June 27, 2020 Update

Dear West Covina Christian Church,

As we regather as a church, we are seeking to do so in the most responsible ways possible.  This includes being mindful of the safe guidelines that have been given to us by our health and government leaders and giving our congregation various participation options so that you can do what you feel is best for you and your family.  This also means that we are conscious of the reality that there are spiritual, emotional, and relational needs that we want to help meet as well.  With all of this in mind, WCCC has a 4 Phased Regathering Plan.

Download Our Regathering Plan

As we implement this Regathering Plan, please realize that this plan requires flexibility.  It is impossible to predict far in advance when it will be best to move from one phase to the next, but we will communicate phase movement when the times come.  Also, there may be times when we must alter the plan.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  Throughout this process, we have sought God for what He wants for regathering WCCC.  God has been faithful to us and we are excited about how He will continue to lead us forward.

Under His mercy,

Pastor Kory and the Regathering Committee 

In-Person Bible Studies
June 20, 2020 Update

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for helping us with the regathering survey.  The information we have received is useful for us as we seek to discern the best ways for us to regather as a church.  As a Regathering Committee, we have reached two conclusions that we are now able to implement.  

First of all, July 19 will be our first live stream of our worship service.  We will not have a gathered audience for this first live streamed Sundays as we need to become more confident with the technology and make sure that we have all the safety precautions in place.  Having a gathered congregation for the worship service will come down the road, but this is a step in that direction.  Additionally, the live streamed worship service enables us to address some of the feedback that we received in the surveys.  For example, we will be able to eventually involve more people and use various creative aspects to the worship service.  

Secondly, we will have in-person Bible studies starting next week.  We have divided the Bible studies by age so that we can limit the numbers and protect our older members who are the most vulnerable to the virus.  The "Under 65" Bible study will be held on the outdoor patio at 7:00pm on Wednesday, June 24.  The "Over 65" Bible study will be held on the outdoor patio at 9:30am on Tuesday, July 7.  

During this pandemic, we continue to be concerned about the health and safety of our church family but also recognize the importance of growing in the Lord together and in fellowship.  For the time being, the following health and safety precautions will be required for all in-person gatherings at the church:

  1. The wearing of face coverings 
  2. Physical distancing of 6 feet between individuals
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting of meeting areas before and after
  4. Limited attendance according to general age group
  5. No shared items (no food, no shared Bibles, programs, etc.)
  6. Taking of attendance and contact information for contact tracing
  7. Request that the following people refrain from attending: those who have been sick, running a fever, recently exposed to someone infected with COVID-19 or are immunocompromised.       

We appreciate your help in observing these precautions. Please let the church office or a member of the Regathering Committee know if you have any questions.

More regathering steps will be given when we have reached more conclusions.  As the pastor, I hear from many who are concerned about health risks for when we gather together.  I also hear from many who are eager to meet now.  We respect all the feedback that we are receiving and hope to make wise choices that will keep us all safe and give us the opportunity to receive spiritual support from one another.  May we all continue to pray for God's guidance.

God bless,

Pastor Kory on behalf of the Regathering Committee
(Pr. Darren, Pr. Yasu, Bob Smith, Andrew Todd, Nao Kawasaki, Audrey Sakamoto, and JR Houn)

A Survey for the Congregation
June 9, 2020 Update

Dear West Covina Christian Church,

We are conducting a church survey to help in the process of determining how and when God wants us to regather as a church.  To help us all be on the same page, I have outlined below how we are approaching these decisions.

We have assembled a “Regathering Committee” to make sure that we are making wise and safe steps.  The committee was formed with members who lead key ministry areas.  The committee members are as follows:

  • Pastor Darren (Assistant Pastor)
  • Pastor Yasu (Nichigo Pastor)
  • Bob Smith (Board of Directors Chair)
  • Andrew Todd (Church Administrator)
  • Nao Kawasaki (Children’s Director)
  • JR Houn (Deacon of Worship)
  • Audrey Sakamoto (Deacon of Harvester’s Ministry)
  • Myself (Lead Pastor)

The Regathering Committee has now met twice.  When we first met together, we started our discussion with trying to understand what God has been teaching us during this time.  I am convinced that God is shaping us as a congregation to be used by Him in advancing His Kingdom and how we come back together is part of the learning process.  If we simply try and gather as quickly as possible, we’ll miss how He is seeking to form us as a congregation right now.  Also, we don’t want to move too slowly because there are blessings from God when we meet together.  We’re trying to be led by the Lord and discern when He is leading us to regather.   

As we have discussed and prayed, we feel like a church survey would be helpful for us as a committee.  In this survey, there are questions about our online worship services and what you would be comfortable in the future.  Our goal is to get your feedback and then use that information to help us discern God’s will.  Your honest opinions are helpful.

Please keep in mind that we are gathering information and will eventually give people various options, but you must follow the Lord’s leading for you personally.  If at any point, you are not comfortable with a gathered service (even with safety precautions in place), that is completely fine.  We will continue to offer online services indefinitely.  We have seen many benefits to a lot of what we are doing and we will never place guilt on anyone for following their conscience or the Lord’s leading.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill this survey out.  We’ll keep you informed as we sense the Lord’s leading.  The deadline for the survey is June 16.

May God lead and guide us,
Pastor Kory