Our missions ministry helps send others to do what the we cannot do: reaching across barriers of distance, culture, and/or language with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We support disciple-makers who strengthen the church in places beyond the normal sphere of influence of our members. This ministry’s goal is that every tribe, language, people, and nation will believe in Jesus Christ. Below is a listing of some of our supported missionaries; others cannot be publicized for fear of persecution.

Mitsuo and Akiko Fujishima (Japan) are with SEND International. After teaching at Christian Academy of Japan for many years, the Fujishimas are relocating in June 2015 to Oshika Peninsula. They will minister the Gospel to people in a remote area that was devastated by the earthquake. Mitsuo, a Christian national born and raised in northern Japan, is familiar with their customs and is fluent in their dialect.

David and Ji Kitani (Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, CA) believe that the only way to make a difference in the lives of the young people in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, California (an extremely poverty-stricken area of L.A.) is to live and work there. David needs our prayers as he continues in his new role as Adult Discipleship Director at New Life Community Church (he formerly served as youth director). David and the adult leadership were able to go on a mission trip this past summer to the Dominican Republic where the poor of the US evangelized to the poor of the DR.

Charleen Kiyabu (Orlando, FL) is a principal with CRU's JESUS Film Project in Orlando, Florida. She is responsible for all the preparation necessary for outreach with JESUS and other films. She usually travels to "dark" places of the world to help spread the gospel through these films. Although CRU has curtailed all travel to dangerous Muslim countries, Charlene continues her ministry by communicating with key national leaders.

Mitsu and Karen Nakamura (Japan) are serving with Japan Campus Crusade for Christ. Mitsu is the Team Leader of CRU and is the principal organizer for outreach programs. Karen helps in Christian Counseling. Their vision is to have every school in Japan praying in Christ’s name.

Rodrigo and Juanita Rivas (Niger) are missionaries in Muslim Niamey, Niger, Africa. In January 2015, radical Muslims burned 84 Christian buildings and 10 people were killed. Because of the danger, the Rivas relocated to the USA. The Rivas and their two young children returned to Niger this past summer to re-establish Christianity in Niger.

Pastors Adam Thallari, Bhaskar Rapalle and Nireekshana Nukabathini (India) are local pastors who serve through Far Corners Missions, an organization making disciples & planting churches in unreached villages of Hindu/Buddhist India. Recently, Adam Thallari’s church has become self-sufficient enough that the local congregation can support him without outside help. This is the dream of every mission that WCCC supports.

Daryl and Sun Young (Cameroon) are from Los Angeles Holiness Church. Daryl is a pilot for Wycliffe Bible Translators who delivers translated bibles to Cameroon villages and transports missionaries safely around the country.