On Sunday, August 23, Growth Group Deacons Walter and Diana Cho introduced the new Growth Groups.

We're excited to launch a new round of Growth Groups.

Throughout the Bible, "community" is a theme. One of the best ways to grow in your relationship with Christ is to be in community with others (1 John 4:7-8). Growth Groups provide a safe, consistent environment to mature in our love for Christ, love for people, and love for our world. Groups are made up of people who meet together to study, share and support one another in their Christian lives. Mindful of the ongoing pandemic, these groups will meet virtually or in a setting that allows for adequate COVID-19 prevention measures.

New groups include:

  • College and Young Adults - led by Stephen Okamoto and Breanna Ito
  • Compass Young Professionals - led by Brian Quach supported by Darren Nakano
  • Parents of PreSchoolers (POPS) - led by JR and Susan Houn
  • New Horizons (Harvesters) - led by Pastor Darren Kishimoto
  • Hacienda Heights - led by Caren Ong

We'll be taking sign-ups through September 4 with meetings starting shortly after that. For more information on the Growth Groups, please contact Pastor Kory Wenell. 

Click here to sign up now.