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Safety Precautions

We continue to be concerned about the health and safety of the church family, but we also recognize the importance of growing in the Lord together and fellowship. We have divided the Bible studies by age to limit the numbers and protect our older members who are the most vulnerable to the virus. The following health and safety precautions are required for all in-person gatherings at the church for the time being.

  1. The wearing of face coverings 
  2. The physical distancing of 6 feet between individuals
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting of meeting areas before and after
  4. Limited attendance according to general age group
  5. No shared items (no food, no shared Bibles, programs, etc.)
  6. Taking of attendance and contact information for contact tracing
  7. Request that the following people refrain from attending: those who have been sick, running a fever, recently exposed to someone infected with COVID-19 or are immunocompromised.       
We appreciate your help in observing these precautions.

For Additional Information

For more information on this Bible study, contact Pastor Darren at