September 30 Special Congregational Meeting

Appointing a Senior Pastor

At a special congregational meeting after worship service on Sunday, September 30, 2018, church members will be asked to consider appointing Pastor Kory Wenell as Senior Pastor of West Covina Christian Church.

The Senior Pastor will shepherd West Covina Christian Church with prayerfully given time to areas of preaching, discipleship, vision and direction, and pastoral care. The Board of Directors provides supervision for the Senior Pastor. He will have final say on all say of all issues of ministry, vision, and direction of West Covina Christian Church.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Preaching and Worship Planning

    • Sunday Worship Planning and Scheduling

    • Preaching

    • Development of Others to Preach

    • Develop Creative Services and Aspects of the Worship Service

  2. Discipleship and Assimilation

    • Overall Discipleship Plan

    • Growth Groups

    • Ministry Assimilation Process

  3. Vision and Direction

    • Lead Vision Team

    • Oversee Ministry Staff 

  4. Pastoral Duties and Pastoral Care

    • Committees

    • Prayer Ministries

    • Visitation

    • Counseling

    • OMS-Holiness Conference Work