Pastor Kory's October Update to the Church

This is my first WCCC newsletter that I will seek to write every couple of months. It is important for us as a church to stay connected with everything that is going on, and this newsletter will hopefully help us all stay on the same page. In this first newsletter, let me reflect upon all that has taken place over the last year. 2018 has been the year of the unexpected for WCCC! Yet through all the highs and the lows, God has been so faithful. He has been with us and helped us.

It seems astonishing to me that we have been studying Acts this year because there are so many parallels between what we have experienced and what the early church went through. Just like the early church, we have felt God’s help, Satan’s attacks, the importance of prayer, and our need to depend on the Holy Spirit. One of the ministries of WCCC that has been birthed during this past year is the Concert of Prayer. I now consider the Concert of Prayer one of the most important things we do as a church. As one church member shared with me this past week, “It’s not just enough for us to pray; we need to pray together.” That is true! Praying together has a way of uniting us together and helping us to both stand against the attacks of the evil one and receive the Lord’s help.

We only have a few more weeks in our sermon series in Acts, but I hope that the Concert of Prayer is something that we as a church see continue and grow more of the next months and years. This is because we experience so many of the gifts of the Lord in a special way when we come together to pray: the gifts of our church family; of prayer; and of the Holy Spirit strengthening us, leading and guiding us, and comforting us with his presence! 

Here are some upcoming church activities to be mindful of:

  • October 28 during the worship service: Child dedication

  • October 28 after the worship service: Orange family time

  • November 3 at 8:00: Work day (including painting the children’s ministry area)

  • November 4 after the worship service: Town hall meeting (lunch is canceled)

  • November 7 at 7:00: Concert of Prayer

Pastor Kory