What’s Up with the Weather
Pastor Darren Kishimoto

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas, isn’t it? Well Christmas is only 300 days away.  Can you believe the weather? When most of us think of the weather, it’s usually just a backdrop for our daily activities. Right? It’s something we might factor in when we’re getting dressed, driving somewhere, or when we’re going to be outdoors, but it’s usually not the focal point of our day or week. Lately though, the weather has taken center stage. Last month, we saw historic rainfall and flooding. This week we’re seeing freezing rain, hail, and snow in some areas. I’m kind of scared of what the summer is going to be like.             

Last Saturday at the Fountain Youth Group meeting, it hailed. Not just a little bit. It hailed enough for some of the kids to play in and make a hailman (i.e., a snowman). Hail in West Covina! In recent days, I’ve heard that it snowed on some of our church members in Upland and Rancho Cucamonga. While the weather can be a diversion or even a disruption to our daily activities, sometimes I think it’s God wanting to stop us in our tracks, grab our attention, and fill our hearts with praise. Scripture teaches us that weather is an act of God purposed by Him for His glory. Psalm 148:7-8 says:

“Praise the Lord from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths,  lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds that do his bidding.”

The weather proclaims His praise! God uses the weather to do His bidding, and extreme weather at that! God also uses it to showcase His supremacy. Job 38:28-30 says:

“Does the rain have a father? Who fathers the drops of dew? From whose womb comes the ice? Who gives birth to the frost from the heavens? When the waters become hard as stone, when the surface of the deep is frozen?”

As it should, the weather demonstrates the limitations of man. Rain, ice, frost, hail do not have a human father. As we’ve seen recently, man has no control over the weather and limited control over its effects. The production of rain, hail, and snow are displays of the sovereign wisdom and power of God.  That He rules the earth! So as we go through this season, let us humble ourselves before God, and give Him praise for His power and glory seen in the weather around us.

Pastor Darren