Dealing With the Disappointment of Closed Doors

Closed doors in our lives are confusing and frustrating. But maybe most of all they’re disappointing. When God changes or blocks our plans, it can be very discouraging. We’ve probably all experienced the disappointment of roadblocks in our family plans, career pursuits, or travel arrangements. For the past four months, our NAOMI House (Native American Outreach Ministries Inc.) missions team has been planning to serve the Native American children and adults at NAOMI House. 27 team members were preparing to go for one week that was supposed to start this Saturday with an eight-hour drive to northern Arizona. I know the team was really looking forward to serving the Lord and being together. Sadly, we learned today that they can’t go because of COVID at NAOMI House.

In Acts 16, the Apostle Paul was on one of his missionary journeys and it says he and his companions were traveling in the region of Phrygia and Galatia because they were kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia and into Bithynia. These men were doing God’s will and yet they were blocked by God from going someplace they thought they should be. I can only imagine the frustration and disappointment they must have felt, thinking this is where we’re supposed to go. This is what we had been planning for. Maybe like how our NAOMI House team feels now. They were so looking forward to going next week. We can all understand their disappointment as we’ve had our “good plans” blocked in the past as well.

Alas, we’re not sure exactly why the door was closed on this year’s trip. We know it was COVID but God certainly could have remedied that if He wanted to. Perhaps He wants the team to bless NAOMI House in a different way this year. Nonetheless, in times of disappointment, we should go to the Lord. God is gracious and compassionate, and may direct us to do something different. In Acts 16, after closing one door, God opened up another door to Paul which led him and his companions to take the gospel into Europe. Please pray for God’s comfort and guidance for this year’s NAOMI House team.

Pastor Darren