Jerusalem Marketplace: Vacation Bible School
Nao Kawasaki

This past week, kids from our church, Education Center, and the neighboring community stepped back in time to when Jesus walked to the Cross at Jerusalem Marketplace, West Covina Christian Church’s Vacation Bible School. Our Children’s Ministry Director, Nao Kawasaki, shares about the week.

Throughout the week, Tribe members (aka. participants) went on a journey walking Jesus’ path through Jerusalem that led to the cross and ultimately brought God’s greatest gift of love to completion. Jesus experienced joy and love in his friendships with the disciples and those who welcomed him into Jerusalem, but he also experienced rejection, severe stress, and great emotional and physical pain in his death. But there’s hope because it didn’t end there – Jesus lives! 

As we walked through Jerusalem, we faced small challenges like conflicts among the kids, frustrations with challenging projects, and some confusion with schedule… but the leaders did a great job walking alongside the children to fill their needs in a loving way. Many kids were shy and quiet at first, but they opened up and were comfortable with each other and the leaders by the end of the week.

We pray that the kids would treasure their experience at the VBS. May their friendships continue to grow. In life’s ups and downs, may kids remember that we can draw strength, guidance and hope from all Jesus experienced in Jerusalem. We know he walks closely with us now as he said in Matthew 28:20, “I am with you always.”