Pastor Kory’s Update

Rev. Dr. Kory Wenell   -  
Dear West Covina Christian Church,

We’d seen a lot of progress made with the church renovations in the last couple of weeks.  Bob Smith, our Board of Directors chairman, will shows us some of these changes:

Bob Smith gives us a brief update on the ongoing renovations in the sanctuary.
We had our staff meeting in the sanctuary this past week.  It was fun to sit down on the new chairs and just take it all in.  As we pondered the renovations, we were filled with both gratitude for how God has provided these unexpected updates and we were filled with excitement for how God might use this sacred space again.  After sitting for a while, we decided to walk around the sanctuary and foyer praying for God to move in new and powerful ways.  Romans 10:15 came to my mind, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”  The church is looking beautiful, but the aesthetics of the room is not the ultimate goal.  What we are really hoping for is that the greatest beauty in this place is God’s good news proclaimed.   We pray that many will come to faith here.  As our mission statement says, “Opening our doors wide so that many may enter through the narrow gate.”

God bless you this week,
Pastor Kory