Outdoor Christmas

Rev. Dr. Kory Wenell   -  

Dear West Covina Christian Church,

As we have now entered the last month to year, many of us are saying, “Praise God!”  It has been a long and trying year, but God has been so faithful to us.

Someone asked me today to call him the week of Christmas because he knows that this is going to be a hard week for him this year.  I understand and I promised to do that.  You probably know someone who could use a similar phone call or would like a meal dropped off or something else that you can do to show them that you care and love them.  Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus this year by seeking to love others the best we can.  Health restrictions means that we will have to be creative about it, but this is an opportunity to love as Jesus loves.

California guidelines continue to allow churches to meet outside like we are.  I’m thankful for that and so we’ll make Christmas as meaningful as we can.  One small way of helping us connect and celebrate as a church is that this Sunday we will decorate the church’s Christmas tree with ornaments that have people’s Christmas message to the church written on it.  The message needs to be small because it must fit on the small Christmas bulb and because I’ll read several of them this Sunday.  Please bring an ornament or send me a message and I’ll write it on for you.

God bless you this week!
Pastor Kory