Vision and Planning

Rev. Dr. Kory Wenell   -  

Dear West Covina Christian Church,

Each year I have a “retreat week.”  During a normal year, Shelsea and I will go to a retreat center.  It’s a wonderful time to invest in our marriage, be refreshed spiritually, and pray for God’s vision and direction for WCCC.  As we know, this year is not normal and so retreat centers are not open.  However, October 16-23 will be my retreat week this year.  I’ll spend time with my family, do some hiking, and give some extra time to prayer and spiritual refreshment.  Also, I will give significant time to visioning and planning.  With so many things feeling different these days, I would appreciate your prayer support as I seek God’s direction for our church.

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Darren will preach on “Overcoming Loneliness”—an obviously relevant topic.  Next week, Stephen Okamoto will be preaching on “Overcoming Confusion with God’s Wisdom” and he will give special attention to the political season that we are in.  Both these messages will be great messages!

Susan Washington continues our Overcoming series with this video devotional:

God bless you!

Pastor Kory