Rev. Dr. Kory Wenell

Dear West Covina Christian Church,

Throughout the “Overcomer” series, I will be providing “Daily Doses” a few times a week.  In the Daily Dose, you’ll have a devotional thought, a question, or a Scripture that encourages us to be overcomers and to find God’s strength and peace during turbulent times.  Not wanting to bombard your emails with Daily Doses, the Daily Doses can be found on the church’s Facebook page, twitter account, in our app, and on the website.

We are definitely living in turbulent times and yet I’m hopeful, even excited, about what God is going to do in and through us.  I recently heard another pastor say, “It’s hard out there.  Sometimes it feels like the world is ripping apart at the seams.  Sometimes it feels like our hearts can’t take any more hurt.  But no matter what the world throws at us each day—anxiety, fear, confusion, temptation—we have a choice on how to respond.  We can either concede defeat or live in the victory God has promised.”  As overcomers, we are choosing to embrace the victory that we have through Jesus.

Dr. Mike, reflecting on our new series, gives us his thoughts on overcoming.  Enjoy this video devotional:

Have a great rest of your week!

Pastor Kory