Mercy and Justice at Work through COVID-19

Anne Smith   -  
Hello Everyone,

I hope all of you are doing well and we long for the day when we can all return to church and gather in person to worship and fellowship together.

Even though our church doors have been shut for 6 months, the Lord is still in control and working thru our Mercy & Justice Ministry.  We would like to take a moment to share all the projects that have been completed  during this pandemic:

  • Face masks (April) – several ladies in our congregation have  sown face masks for each other and also we have some left for visitors when we can return to church.
  • Essential boxes (May) – we were able to put 25 boxes of food and 25 bags of essential hygiene products together for Nancy Cortez’s school.  Some families didn’t have a way to cook so we had to pack according to their situation.  This was greatly appreciated by Nancy and those at the school that facilitated the families and disbursement.
  • Homeless food bags (June and July) – we made 20 backpacks of food, water and some hygiene products and passed them out to people living on the streets.  We added a new testament bible to every bag.  There are still many people that have no other place to shelter other than the street.  Pray for them during this time that God would protect them from the covid-19 and also the extreme heat that we are experiencing.
  • Celebration bags – Cameron Elementary school (June) – we partnered with Cameron school and helped them co-ordinate traffic for the students returning computers and books back to the school.  Mercy and Justice made 86 celebration bags for the 5th graders going into 6th grade.  We made them a school planner, a bag of candy, and a balloon to celebrate their milestone.
  • Backpack project – Cameron Elementary school (August) – we gave out 220 drawstring backpacks for K-2nd grade.  Each bag had a personal mini card of encouragement with a note from the church that said praying for you and you are so special.

We wanted to thank all of you who gave so generously of your time, your finances and your prayers.  God used all of you to further His Kingdom and to fulfill His purpose and plans.

Anne Smith
Deacon of Mercy & Justice Ministry