Overcomer: Living with Strength and Peace During Turbulent Times

Rev. Dr. Kory Wenell   -  

Dear Friends,

While it doesn’t feel like a “normal year,” the days on the calendar keep getting crossed off.  The end of summer, which is usually full of vacations and last-minute pool parties, has come and gone, and now we are into a new school year.  But even that feels weird.  Parents don’t have that euphoric excitement of dropping kids off at school and knowing that they will be learning and burning off energy with their friends for the next several hours.  Rather, parents are trying to juggle homeschooling and work.

We all have our own challenges at this time—everyone from kids who are missing their friends and activities to senior adults who are struggling with loneliness and isolation.  Times are hard.  Times are turbulent.  With that being said, I want to introduce one more change, but hopefully this change feels good and helpful.  Starting this week, we will begin a new sermon series called Overcomer: Living with Strength and Peace During Turbulent Times.

Please watch the following video devotional for a summary of the upcoming series:

Corresponding with the sermons on Sunday, we’ll be sending out “daily doses” a few times a week.  The daily doses will be short—a verse and a thought or question for the day.  Also, each week we’ll have a different church member give a video devotional with his or her thoughts related to the topic that we are considering together that week in the Overcomer series.

If ever we have needed God’s strength and peace, it is during this turbulent time.  May God bless us as a church as we look to Him for His help!

Pastor Kory