Our Children’s Ministry serves children in preschool and elementary school. Children are invited to FaithWeavers Sunday School starting at 9:15am. During the 10:30am worship service, children come together for our 252 Basics (elementary school) and FirstLook (preschool) programs, components of the Orange curriculum.

For parents attending the 8:45am prayer meeting or the 9am service, supervision is provided in the Sunday school area.

FaithWeavers Sunday School (9:15am)

Preschool, Room 7
Grades K-2, Room 24
Grades 3-5, Room 6

FirstLook/252 Basics (10:30am)

6-12 months, Room 9
1-2 years, Room 7
2-3 years, Room 8
Grades K-1, Room 25
Grades 2-3, Room 26
Grades 4-5, Room 6
Grade 6, Room 23

For more information on the Children’s Ministry contact Nao Kawasaki at (626) 430-7588 ext 205 or .